Trapped! explores the uncertainty in all of us through the eyes of a group of teenagers. Trying to find out who you really are while battling the fear of expressing yourself is at its most poignant in the halls of a High School. Let the teenage stereotypes we know so well take you on a journey of discovery, relationships, and self acceptance that is sure to leave you holding on until you can experience the elation of finding your home.

Our newest cabaret follows the sometimes tumultuous but ultimately rewarding exploration of gender fluidity and identity in our ever changing society. We all live in a time where acceptance is on the rise but can still be frustratingly slow moving. Here at Celebration Theatre Company we want to let you know that no matter your personal battles you are not alone and it gets better. 

Please note: Trapped! is not suitable for all ages, Celebration Theatre Company recommends this production for ages 13 and up.”